We provide private Cervical smear and HPV testing in our Glasgow Clinic.

Currently, the NHS offers cervical screening smears for all women aged 25 to 64, every three to five years. Some women may consider this is too long a period of time between smears.

GP Matters offers the option of attending for private cervical smears either annually or as required.

Female Doctor

Dr Carole McAlister 


Within 7-10 days


£250 (includes HPV test)


A smear test (also known as a cervical screening test), is used to detect certain subtypes of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that can cause changes to the cervical cells, as well as check whether there are any abnormal cervical cells (dyskaryosis) which need treating before they become cancerous.

Cervical screening saves lives. However huge numbers of young women in the UK are still frequently missing their smear test. It’s estimated that if all eligible women attended their screening regularly, 83% of cervical cancer cases could be prevented.*

By attending regular smear tests, abnormality can be detected early and treated before they become cancerous, preventing cervical cancer from developing.

Maintaining the correct smear test frequency is important, because smear tests can help you detect cancerous cells.

The NHS cervical screening programme offers screening every three years to women aged 25-49 and every five years to women aged 50-64.

If you fall outside these age categories, or would like more regular screening, you can do so privately.

You should postpone your smear test if you start your period. This is because the blood cells on the sample will interfere with the accuracy of results.

It is generally advised that you refrain from having sex for 24 hours before having a smear test. This is to make ensure results are as accurate as possible.

If you are under the age of 25, your chance of developing cervical cancer is low. This is why women under 25 won’t be invited to have a cervical screening test through the NHS cervical screening programme.

However, if you’re worried or concerned about your cervical health and are under the cervical screening age according to the NHS, there is always the option of having a private smear test with us.

The minimum age for a smear test is 18.

There is no specific HPV test for women in place (for example, in the form of a blood test). This is why getting a cervical smear test to detect abnormal cells caused by high-risk HPV is so important.

Everybody experiences a cervical smear test differently depending on their circumstances, but generally, it is not a painful experience.
It can be uncomfortable and feel invasive, but it shouldn't be painful.

Yes, it is best to still go for your screening appointments.

In the UK, girls and boys are now vaccinated against high-risk types of HPV at the age of 13. This will dramatically reduce the incidence of abnormal cells and cervical cancer (and other cancers) in the future.

You can carry on as normal straight away after your screening test. You might bleed a bit afterwards but if you have heavy bleeding or pain, see your GP.

A smear tests takes about five minutes. A speculum is inserted in your vagina to gently hold it open. A nurse or doctor will use a small brush to take a sample of some cells on your cervix. The sample will be sent to a laboratory for examination under a microscope.

Smears performed at GP Matters are tested for both the presence of high risk HPV subtypes and abnormal cells using liquid based cytology in all women over 25 (Dual Testing). 

Your results will be available within 7-10 days.

With Dual Testing (Cervical smear test with HPV), there are several different results that can arise.

For example:
- routine recall at 3 or 5 years depending on your age for - normal results
- repeat in 3 months for an inadequate sample
- repeat in 12 months if HPV positive with normal cells
- or referral to Colposcopy if HPV positive with abnormal cells present.

Our Doctor will give you the appropriate recommendation for you depending on the result.



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