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RUK / GWO Medical - Wind Turbine Medical

Renewables Medical 

GWO regulates the wind farm industry and follows the medial guidance in issue 2 (2013) of RenewableUK Medical Fitness to work – wind turbine – guidelines for near offshore and land-based projects.

We provide industry recommended Wind Turbines Medicals (Medical Fitness to Work on near offshore and land based projects) for the renewable energy sector, also known as RUK medicals.

  • How long will the RUK Wind Turbine medical take? You should allow 30-45 minutes for the RUK medical. 

  • Please bring with you: Photographic ID (Your passport or driving licence). Any medication, doctor/ hospital letters and relevant investigations results. Your glasses / contact lenses if worn. Comfortable clothing for the chester step test.
  • Certificates Are normally made available on the day of the examination and are valid for 2 years. Copies can be sent to companies where requested.
  • Cost: The costs of an GWO / RUK Medical (wind turbine medical) is £250. 

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 GWO does not mandate any medical exams or fitness tests for training participants. As such, there are are no guidelines for for GWO medical exams.
Requirements for medical exams may be set by an employer or by regional employment legislation.

As a guidance, we carry out the following tests / examinations:
• Completion and discussion of the RUK medical health questionnaire.
• Physical examination including height, weight and BMI.
• Urine testing (to assess how well your kidneys/ body is working).
• Vision testing (near, distance and colour).
• Audiometry testing (hearing test).
• Chester Step Test.

Some Companies require an additional drug and/ or alcohol screen. Please make sure you understand what your Company requires!.

The RUK medical will last 30-45 minutes.

• Certified photo ID such passport or driving license
• To bring your glasses (and spares) / contact lenses if worn;
• To avoid exposure to loud noise for 16 hrs prior to your appointment
• To bring any medication, doctor/ hospital letters and relevant investigations results
• To bring any medication, doctor/ hospital letters and relevant investigations results
• For the Chester step test you should wear suitable sports clothing and training shoes or similar.

The RUK certificate is valid for two years.
For medical reasons, it is possible the certificate may be issued for a shorter period of time. 

Yes, as long as the doctor can deem you fit, we will provide you with the certificate at the end of your appointment to take away with you.

Yes, the RUK medical includes a Chester Step Test


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