Taking control and being proactive about your health is important. 

With so much information aimed at women around health, body care and general wellbeing, it is difficult to know if you are doing everything you can to stay healthy. Keeping an eye on your health is not only important for picking up any potential or undetected problems but can also give you peace of mind and greater control over your own health and wellbeing journey.

If you would like a full body health check and want to be seen quickly, get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help.

Women’s Health Check

Female Doctor

Minimal Waiting

No referral needed

Comprehensive Testing

Fast results / Accredited Lab

Female Health Check - FAQ

A Well Woman Screen is our most popular health check. This is a fully comprehensive medical examination including screening tests for the early detection of medical conditions and diseases to offer you peace of mind about your health.

Our Well Woman Screen is an in-depth assessment of your overall health and lifestyle which can act as an early warning system and can be done as frequently as required, as an annual health check or if you notice changes in you health, especially if you are worried about a particular issue or condition.

Well Woman Screens also provide you with a discreet opportunity to discuss any health concerns you have with a private GP and seek medical advise.

A Well Woman Screen includes:

Doctor Consultation
Family Medical History & Lifestyle Factors
Top to Toe Physical Examination
Blood Pressure Check
Blood tests including full blood count, urea, liver function, kidney function, cholesterol, blood sugar, uric acid, etc.
Urine tests
Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)
ECG (Heart Testing inc health sounds and pulse)
Vision Screening
Breast Examination
Cervical Smear testing
Height and Weight for BMI Assessment
Doctors Report with full results and recommendations

If required, we can also arrange a follow up appointment, a direct referral to see a specialist or additional testing or imaging to aid the rapid diagnosis or treatment of conditions or issues that may have been discussed or identified in your screen. These actions are at additional cost.

The costs of a Well Woman Screen is £850
This is an all inclusive cost paid at the clinic following your appointment.
Other additional testing can be added to this screen if required.

Booking your well woman medical is straightforward, book online, email your enquiry info@gpmatters.com, call our reception team on 0141 7373 289 or fill out the contact form.


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